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Job Landscape In Wisconsin

The Wisconsin jobs landscape is actually very healthy and has been growing for some time. While the rest of the country experiences an average of eight to nine percent unemployment, the state of Wisconsin has dropped is unemployment rate to 5.5 percent. The largest employers in Wisconsin include Wal-Mart, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Milwaukee Public School System.

Most industries in Wisconsin have seen the average wages for employees rise in 2014. For example, the hospitality industry in Wisconsin saw its average wages go up 3.6 percent. The most significant increase in Wisconsin jobs wages has occurred in the construction industry where the average wage per worker has increased by 3.9 percent in 2014.

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin but, as with most large cities in the country, Milwaukee has had a problem keeping its unemployment down. The unemployment rate in Milwaukee is a full five points higher than the state average, while the large city of Madison enjoys an unemployment rate that is a full point lower than the state average. Green Bay and La Crosse are right in line with Wisconsin's low unemployment rate.

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