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Job Landscape in South Carolina

South Carolina jobs are found in a number of agricultural and industrial sectors. Tobacco, hay, rice, dairy products, cattle, poultry and swine are some of the mainstays agriculturally. Industrial production is great in paper products, machinery, electrical products, textile goods, chemical products, automobiles and tourism. Foreign investment has added numerous jobs in recent years.

Large corporations have headquartered in South Carolina due to the low wages and no healthcare requirements with regard to temporary employees. Major cities drawing South Carolina jobs seekers include Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and Rock Hill. The unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, was 6.6 percent as of September 2014. That's a bit above the national average of 5.9 percent for that same time period.

Finding jobs in South Carolina can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, LiveCareer offers tools and resources to simply things a bit and make them much more manageable. You can search all kinds of jobs in the site's database of jobs throughout the state and even find sample resumes to help you make a good first impression.

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