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What It's Like to Work in the Field of Social Sciences

In its most basic form, Social Sciences investigate the things that separate humans from other primates. Careers in the field include anthropologist, archaeologist, college professor, geologist, historian or museum curator to name just a few. The various disciplines include the study of the diversity of cultural development, political systems and value systems. Through data gathering and interpretation, Archaeologists strive to understand extinct cultures. Art Historians study art from the earliest representations to present day. Geography practitioners study how people interact with the geological features of their surroundings. Other areas of specialization include Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science and Social Work.

A career in the Social Sciences offers areas of intellectual exploration for those that are interested in the evolution of human behavior, interaction and development. There are so many career tracks in the social sciences that it might be hard to choose. The abundance of choices is a good thing. No matter which career track you choose, the study of human behavior will be fulfilling to you as an individual and helpful to society in general.

Why You Need a Resume

With so many areas of specialization, you need to focus on your specific experience and education. Your resume should reflect the job requirements of the potential employer so they can visualize you as part of their team. For help writing a resume that can help get you an interview, go to LiveCareer for well-crafted sample resumes.

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