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Job Landscape in Minnesota

Minnesota has always been one of those "blue chip" states that is able to create jobs and sustain Minnesota jobs growth. At present, the Minnesota unemployment rate is at 4.1 percent, which is well below the national average. The people of Minnesota have also enjoyed a growth rate of 1.8 percent for the wages of non-farm workers.

Minnesota's job landscape is an interesting mix of large non-profit and for-profit organizations. The largest non-profit organizations to offer Minnesota jobs are the Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota and Scholarship America. The largest corporate employers in Minnesota are Cargill, Carlson, Schwan Food Company and Andersen Corporation.

The large portion of Minnesota jobs are coming from the state's largest cities. Rochester has an unemployment rate that is two points below the state average, while Minneapolis and St. Paul both hover at rates just below the state's mark. The city of Bloomington also maintains an unemployment rate below the state average.

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