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Job Landscape in Michigan

Despite the issues that Michigan's largest city is having, the state is still experiencing job growth. Overall, the state's unemployment rate is 7.7 percent, which puts it in line with the rest of the country. The events in Detroit have affected wage growth, but Michigan still experienced wage growth for non-farm workers of an average of one percent per worker.

General Motors and Ford remain the two largest employers in Michigan, but it is the rest of the list that has helped to keep Michigan going. The list of the top suppliers of Michigan jobs includes Dow Chemical, Whirlpool Corporation, Lear Corporation and Kellogg.

The city of Ann Arbor has experienced growth in recent years and has dropped its unemployment rate to two points below the state average. Grand Rapids and Lansing have been able to stabilize their Michigan job situation and stay at an unemployment level that is even with the state average.

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