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What It's Like to Work in Manufacturing and Production

The challenge in Manufacturing and Production is to develop production processes, eliminate waste, reduce production time and ensure a high quality product. Career tracks include Test Engineers, who look for problems in the manufacturing process; Robotic Engineers, who usually have a Master's or PhD; Systems and Controls Engineers, who design a way for engineers and machines to interact; and Process and Manufacturing Engineers as well. A mission-critical attitude, strong technical skills, attention to detail and the ability to work under stress are attributes of successful Manufacturing and Production professionals.

Understanding the need to produce a product in the correct quantity, in the shortest time possible and for the lowest cost makes you a valuable asset to a manufacturing company, particularly in the growth areas of specialty electronics and medical manufacturing. Experienced Manufacturing and Production professionals are needed to oversee construction, equipment installation and employee training around the globe as companies move their production centers.

Why You Need a Resume

You are more than just a sum total of jobs you've held. You're a product of your education, experience and accomplishments. With the many career tracks available to experienced engineers, you may need to create more than one resume to suit your job search. You want to be able to mirror the job requirements by highlighting your corresponding qualifications. Briefly describe a situation where you resolved a problem. Understanding that in manufacturing, time is money, mention cost savings because of your actions. For help getting started on your resume, go to LiveCareer for well-written resume examples.

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LiveCareer has 162425 searchable Manufacturing And Production resumes in its Resume Directory database. These are real resumes created by LiveCareer subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Search Manufacturing And Production resumes by specific job title to find more resumes that are relevant to your career path.

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