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Job Landscape In Louisiana

Louisiana has seen a marked increase in professional services jobs in the past year, which has helped the state to maintain an unemployment rate of six percent. Louisiana is still rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina and other storms, so construction and hospitality services offer the highest increases in wages per worker.

Louisiana is one of the most significant states for small business in the United States. After small businesses, companies such as the McIlhenny Company and the Port Of South Louisiana are the larger employers in the state.

New Orleans has fought back since Katrina to bring its unemployment rate to just one point over the state average. Baton Rouge, another Louisiana key city, has seen its unemployment level drop to being the same as the state average. Lake Charles is an example of a Louisiana city that is seeing population growth and a significant drop in unemployment as well.

Louisiana jobs come primarily from small businesses, which can be a great thing for people in the state looking for work. When your career grows with a small business, you can make a bigger impact on the company's success. LiveCareer has all of the information you will need on jobs in Louisiana and how to put together a resume that will get you noticed.

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