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Job Landscape In Illinois

The unemployment rate in Illinois dropped drastically in 2014 from 7.9 percent at the beginning of the year down to 6.6 percent by the beginning of the third quarter. Several industries in Illinois have seen increases in average pay per employee, but the largest increases came in the construction and hospitality industries.

In Illinois, the state's largest employers are all names that are very familiar to the American public. Boeing, McDonald's and United Airlines are some of the largest private sector employers in the entire state. The John Deere Corporation is also listed as one of the primary employers in the state of Illinois.

The city of Chicago holds many of the Illinois jobs, especially the higher profile corporate jobs. Chicago has managed to hold steady with the state's unemployment rate, although it does tend to push just above the state rate from time to time. Other large cities such as Naperville and Springfield have found prosperity recently and have unemployment rates two points below the state average.

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