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Childcare Overview

Childcare workers provide care for children while their parents are away. They may work in daycare centers, out of their own home or in the home of the children they are watching. They can watch children of any age, and they may watch any number of children, from one to a whole classroom full.

Childcare providers love, protect, teach and care for the children they watch. They typically feed, dress and change younger children, and they may help older children finish their homework. Childcare workers complete many of the tasks that parents do.

Childcare is a very fun and rewarding career. Childcare workers love working with children every day, and they love knowing that they are making a real difference in the children's lives.

Childcare offers a decent amount of flexibility as well. As a provider, you can work full or part time, whichever days you want, and with whatever age range you want. You can even take the summers off and only work during the school year, or the other way around, if you want to.

Childcare Resumes

While not all childcare providers have resumes, a childcare resume is an important way to set yourself apart as a professional childcare provider. If you want to make childcare into a career, not just a weekend hobby, creating a quality childcare resume is a must.

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