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What It's Like to Work in the Beauty and Spa Industry

The Beauty and Spa industry exists to pamper its clients. Employees include hair stylists and massage therapists, both of whom spend a lot of time on their feet. Some employees specialize in facials, skin care and cosmetics. Varying levels of education and certification are required depending on the specific function performed, but customer satisfaction is always a primary goal. Those in the industry are generally creative, like hair stylists, or are particularly understanding of the client's desire. Providing a foot bath in warm, scented water for a client who's been on their feet all day can put a look of satisfaction on the client's face and provide a sense of a job well done for the pedicurist.

For those that need an outlet for their creativity, being a hair stylist can be very satisfying. If you appreciate the business end of the industry, there's opportunity for supervisory or management positions. The more experience one has, the better the chances of finding employment in a large, high-end spa, where the financial rewards are greater as well.

Why You Need a Resume

If you've got the experience and education and you're ready to take the next step in your career, whether you're a massage therapist, hair stylist or esthetician, you need a resume that entices. You want the prospective employer to visualize you as a member of their team. You want an interview. A well-written resume increase your chances. For examples of resumes in your field, go to LiveCareer to help get started on yours.

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