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What It's Like to Work in the Field of Architecture

To be successful in the field of Architecture, proficiency in managing, supervising, designing and engineering is required. An Architect needs to be able to see the big picture yet deal with the nuts and bolts of a project as well. They need to be able to communicate their vision and coordinate with clients and builders to see it to its completion. Architects work on projects in cities, college campuses, they design buildings of various sizes and city parks, but the goal of each project is to produce a creation that is practical, safe and aesthetically pleasing. They use computer software to produce 3D designs of their creations to clients.

Architects have the freedom to work in many areas of the field, like designer, consultant, instructor, project manager or owner of their own architectural firm. For those who enjoy combining science and creativity, architecture can be very satisfying in addition to financially rewarding.

Why You Need a Resume

If you're considering a move from one firm to another, or if you want to move from designer to consultant, you need to create a resume that highlights the skills and experience required for your desired position. Closely examine the job requirements and create a resume that reflects them. You want the prospective employer to be able to envision you as part of the team. And you want them to call you for an interview. Go to LiveCareer for examples of well-crafted resumes to help get started on your own.

Where can I find examples of Architecture resumes online?

LiveCareer has 7009 searchable Architecture resumes in its Resume Directory database. These are real resumes created by LiveCareer subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Search Architecture resumes by specific job title to find more resumes that are relevant to your career path.

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